The Real Reason Why You Age Horribly!

The Real Reason Why You Age Horribly!

Most reading this article will never admit or consider what is written to be true.  The fact is, it is easier to continue to doing the things you like than to change to do the things that will make your life much better.  How can i say such a thing about you?  Have you ever done something you knew was wrong yet you did it any way?  Have you ever done something that you knew would hurt your body or love one yet you did it any way?  Many have a doubted the idea that, I’m going to die from something any way so it might as well be something I like even though I know its not good for me!  I mean “really”?

Sad as this may sound at some point in your life you have probably said the same thing only to regret it later when the pain is turned up to a level of unbearable agony .  But hey, what the hell you can handle it.  Remember when the doctor told you to stop doing this or that and in your messed up brain you thought OK I will stop, but as soon as you got comfortable again you started doing the same thing that you were warned not to do?

Don’t feel bad misery loves company and this is where the old adage gets its following.  Individuals who knowingly do a thing that they know other wise will eventually kill them yet they do it any way.  “That’s not insanity!

“It’s my life I can do with it what I please”  That’s kinda ghetto huh?  There you go again, and you are right it is your life and unfortunately you really have not learned anything while living that life.  Have you ever wondered why you are here?  Or what is your purpose?   Is there something you are suppose to be doing?  Seriously, why are you here?  You have to ask in order to know.

Our bodies are so uniquely designed that man himself can’t create a human being from scratch.  Think about that for a minute.  Cloning is not creating, it is replicating from a previous copy not an original.  I said all that to say this, the real reason why you age horrible is simply choice.  You will make a choice for or against the greater good of your well being each and every time thought is required.

Everything you have done up until this point (even while reading this) has required you to do or not do something while living in the moment of each and every action taken or not taken.  Thought is the highest function in which a human being is capable, there is nothing greater than that to continue to exist at what ever level you choose.

When you are ready to change, choice will be required after some form of thought!  The greatest solution to any requirement is that you get better in this life at whatever it is you chose to do this is where herbal supplements, herbal remedies, true nutritional change will give you the greatest results.

Are You Insane?

Let’s face it, everything up until now has not helped you to accomplish the best possible physical health that we all desire and if you continue doing the same thing expecting different results we know what this is called.  INSANITY!!  I will admit we are all insane to some degree but remaining that way makes no sense what so ever and you know this.   You also know that you can’t make anyone do something they truly do not wish to do minus a hand gun.


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