Everything You Don’t Know You Need and More!

I would never tell anyone to become all vegan or raw for that matter.  Choice is the number one act as  humans must give way to.  When you learn or set out to enlighten your mental capacity the door to wisdom finds you and light begin to shine from the darkest corners of the mind that has been sleep for so long.  A fool could not find his way out of a shit house if the door was painted with sweet smelling white roses in the midst of dark and stinky room.

I’m not here to tell you what you need or don’t need, just to share some level of wisdom upon the mind that no longer desire to be empty.  We live in a vast world and things are happening and changing right before your very eyes but most will never see this.  No conspiracy, there are things that even if I told you, you would not believe so I won’t tell.  You have no clue about how your body works for and against you even to the tune of saving your own life.

What bothers me most is that there are great books that will change your life once you find them and I mean really change your life and the people you claim to love as well, but the problem even with this is you have no ability to think for your self.  You are led by outside influence against your own survival because of lack of knowledge.  You know something is wrong but you still turn the other cheek to ignorance and continue as if nothing is wrong until that same shit smacks you in the lips, then and only then do you taste the shit but hey its to late at that point.

Shit don’t taste so good huh?   Listen you are human at least I hope, this life can be what ever you decide it to be no matter what is happening in life even as you read this.  You get to stop the planet and get off!  NOT!!  No one gets to do that, so wake your ass up and change the things you want changed and create the life you know you would like to be living.



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