Herbal Remedies from Herbal Supplements

Herbal Remedies from Herbal Supplements !


Over the years I have learned that good health and wellness is not a gift or a guarantee of life.  We all chose based on what we are taught by those who raise us or caretakers in our lives which speaks loudly of what we truly don’t know about living.  This blog is about the open-mindedness of change and what it can do for you.

What’s in it for you, you ask?  Most people will never learn the value of herbal supplements and what it can do for you because it requires one to change to some degree and we both know that can be a scary thing for the humans living on this planet.  I do not say this to excite anger, yet only to encourage the mind that the planet was here long before man offering benefits that man has yet to discover.

This knowledge is not to convince you to believe but to make you think, when a pharmaceutical is made it has to have had a base for which it derived, meaning it had to come from some type of plant that works with the human body in assisting the body in healing itself.   Herbal Supplements are live plants that grow in nature and offer the greatest healing effect to the human body as an assistance to replacing the nutrients that are diminished over time without the side effects against any other organs in this process.  Because of the life style choices created over this period of time life as we know it has change beyond comprehension.


Herbs offer a host of benefits as natural remedies for weigh loss, erectile dysfunction, allergy relief, natural skincare and so much more, even some I can’t name without the hounds giving chase to counter wisdom as there are to many plants and far to many greater benefits to mention in this post as to the greatness of what these herbs have to offer human kind.  I can only touch the surface and speak only to those who truly wish to know, if you are among those seeking this knowledge by all means you are in for a revaluation of knowledge that is guaranteed to change all that you think you know.

Sometimes knowledge can be to much for those who know nothing but doubt, fear, anger and hate, everything that promotes the opposite of truth.  I assure you I have but one desire
with what I have learned and wish to share.  Everything I talk about can be found and arranged by anyone who is competent enough to read and learn how, I am not special except that
I desire by action to change what I do not know with much research and perseverance to knowing the truth and possibilities for bettering mankind as well as myself.

The unknown supports ignorance by means of fear, doubt and laziness.  If you fear the words natural herbal remedies or herbal supplements it is because you have no knowledge of what I speak and you suffer from a self-inflicted disease called  ignorance.  As long as you know nothing you can be controlled to believe anything that is spoken into your mind by those who so desire.  Remember you have no true knowledge.  Everything you know someone told you.  It is my goal to enlighten you to that which you do not know by helping you to understand that there is more to what I am speaking.


I will make a statement and all I ask of you is to check to see if what I am saying is true, how will you do this you ask?  See the picture to the
right, because of the Standard American Diet the human body has been placed in a position to endure the unbelievable strain of adjustment
to a number of poisons called food just to sustain life for every living human being who does not know that they are digging their grave with
their teeth.  This simple formula of 28 natural herbal supplements are design to counter this act against humanity by neutralizing this
poisonous effect and restoring the lungs to a optimal working condition protecting the body as it is designed to.  Since this needs to soak in a bit
I will pause allowing you the time to look up these herbs for validation purposes.

At this point all I can say is stay tuned.

The Beginning!  to-be-continued….



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