I Love You You Hate Me Were A Happy Family

with a nick knack patty whack give a dog a bone, this old fool came rolling home.  Those days are over but the tune is in your head hahahaha.   Oh yeah when life was so simple and computers were not even a thought in the minds of the masses.  But you can’t go back, or can you?  After living in the future what would you change if you could go back?  The fact that the thought even exist about going back means your not happy with your present.

There are no accidents and there are no mistakes, these are events in time that occur when someone is not paying attention to what they are doing as a result someone suffers at the hands of the idea of it being a mistake.  Since every action causes a reaction there lies the effect of poor choice or bad decision.  Mistakes are excuses that humans come up with to validate a bad choice or decision, think about it.

The only time you get to correct a mistake, (poor choice, or bad decision) is before it happens, with that thought in mind making a wise decision in our daily actions is the only thing that will eliminate poor choices disguised as mistakes.  Do not misconstrue, we are not talking about perfection just simply paying attention to our action especially when others life are involved.

When a man decides to be untrue to his wife he sets in motion unforeseen events of the future against the greater good of an act he signed on for life and vice-versa.  I must admit, I have been faced with the same opportunity to take a path that leads down a street with no lights or means to a better end, it was at that point in my life I paused the plant and decided to make a choice that I wanted to live with.

You see, something inside of me knew that all i had to do was ask the question, after all is said and done what would I have accomplished by committing that act?  Once I asked that question I knew no matter what I would not feel better and I would have to begin looking over my should at the guilt that “I” created against all that I signed up for with the spouse.  At the end of the day I discovered that men put to much emphasis on the physical act sex, which is totally overrated in the scheme of things to be accomplished on this plant.

I refuse to make excuses for men’s choices or women’s for that matter.  We are all here to serve each other there is nothing more on this plant that we could do greater, this you must give thought to.  There is no excuse for a man or women to commit to a relationship only to destroy the one person they are committed to for the sake of physical pleasure!  WOW!  I know this is happening even as I write these words of wisdom.

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