Herbs are the way of life for one and all

Herbs are the way of life for one and all

I truly hate to be the bearer of righteous news but, the reason most people believe what others tell them is, by choice we choose not to know for ourselves.  Think about it, all that you know you have not discovered factual for your self.  Someone has told you everything you know with the exception of that which you have sought for self knowledge.   In other words, research done by non other than you!

You believe because of what you have been told that cheese is good for you.  You also believe because of what you have been told  that meat is protein.   It has never dawned on you that the people telling you this are the same people whom you give the largest percent of your money to on a monthly basis if not daily.  Herbs are so far out of your mental reasoning that you are not aware that all the cooked food you consume if not seasoned with herbs would be tasteless.  Meat minus herbs is just tasteless flesh, give thought!

More food for thought, how can you get any protein or true nutritional value from something that you must kill twice to consume?  You must first kill the animal and then you must place it on open flame for preparation purposes killing it more to consume it, and remember anything cooked over 118 degrees Fahrenheit is double dead.  There can be no possible way to any benefit from anything that you have to kill twice to consume period.

I am not telling you what not to do or to do for that matter, this is food for the thought that never occurs in the mind of those who are blind by the light of ignorance from seeing is not always believable.

Ok, so you have to eat something to survive and we know you have this issue with eating plants by themselves because every time you prepare to consume, your flesh demands something firm, solid, tough ok fleshy.  This programmable software that you are virused with will not except anything less than that which it desires because of the weakness in your resolve.  You have programed yourself to fall prey to your own flesh by mere default and you make excuses and constantly look for ways to overcome the battle between the spirit and the flesh.

The reality is you are weaker than your flesh and no matter what attempts you make, you will only be defeated by your weakness not the flesh.  You see you will always have a choice to change any and everything about yourself the real question is, will you choose to do so and stop whatever it is that is conquering you by way of you?  Stop with the excuses and do what it takes, really, the spirit is much stronger than the flesh once you realize that there can only be one master of you.  If you allow the flesh to continue controlling you, you will die by that control from the dis-ease of all that you see around you.

Is Your Flesh Controlling You?

Your sight is the greatest weakness of your flesh as it is used as a tool to perpetuate the way in which you process logic.  When you see something even when you don’t need it you have failed the test of wisdom by giving in to it.  There is an old saying, the eye’s are bigger than the stomach.  Why do you think those words are spoken?  Simple, out of the idea of necessity we move beyond the need to want that which we truly don’t need, in so doing want supersedes the need and becomes the desire which is exchanged for the needs.

The legacy that follows will inherit the same genetic choice of self poison in which you passed on without them even knowing that you yourself could have taken a better path of understand had you only prepared the mind for the challenges of the controlling thoughtlessness of ideals.

It all sounds complicated, but its not, just simple choice!  Life is only complicated when thought is not involved, most people hate reading and learning for that matter as it requires one to use his prefrontal cortex which is part of the frontal lobes lying just behind the forehead and is one of the most important areas in the brain. This brain region is responsible for executive functions, which include mediating conflicting thoughts, making choices (between right and wrong or good and bad), predicting future events, and governing social and emotional control. All of the senses feed information to the prefrontal cortex, which combines this information to form useful judgements.

Further, it constantly contains active representation in working memory, as well as goals and contexts. The prefrontal cortex is also the brain center most strongly implicated in conscience, human intelligence, and personality. Because of its critical role in executive functions, it is often referred to as the “CEO of the brain.

When was the last time you talk to your CEO from a perspective of doing the right thing in regards to the functionality of sustaining a healthier lifestyle?  “Never huh” I know..  Now that you have better information as to how you truly operate why don’t you sit down and consult with your CEO and devise a way to have everything you want in this life and more.  It will not be difficult as you have more information to work with than yesterday…



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