Herbal Supplements, Why do you need them?

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Herbal Supplements, Why do you need them?

On October 5, 1983, E. Bruce Hendrick, the chief of

neurosurgery at the University of Toronto’s Hospital for

Sick Children, wrote to the Canadian Minister of Health                                                           bigccleanse

and Welfare saying that Dr. Hendrick supported a

scientific clinical trial of the cancer treatment compound

known as “Essiac.” (BIG C TEA)

Dr. Hendrick stated that after they started on Essiac,

eight of ten patients with surgically treated tumors of

the central nervous system had “escaped from the

conventional methods of therapy including both

radiation and chemotherapy.”

Dr. Hendrick wrote that he was “most impressed with

the effectiveness of the treatment and its lack of side

effects.” He closed with this: “I feel that this method of

treatment should be given serious consideration and

would benefit from a scientific clinical trial.”

With that letter Dr. Hendrick joined a long list

of physicians dating back more than 60 years who have

spoken in favor of Essiac as a cancer treatment.

Yet Essiac today remains unavailable —almost

impossible to get—for nearly all cancer patients.

How could something like this happen? UNTIL NOW!



What you are about to read on this blog will come from people who care including Doctors and patients, even regular people as yourself.   If we are to advance as a society who truly cares for one another we must begin to put people first.

Business and lives do not match, one seeks selfish gain above human life that is not a formula for caring or concern.  The world in which you live is not the reality for which you exist, we all have a purpose and when one questions there meaning and purpose for life, then and only then will you discover who you are talking to.

You see, you cannot talk to a business, a fiction of sort that gives a status to its existence.   You can only talk to the representative of that establishment a human being.   Even the Medical Industry is no longer what it started out to be, it even has an oath that no longer represents humanity it exist only for profit and gain which supersedes the nature of its existence.

We the people must wake up and smell the shit because there are no more roses just plan dookie.   No matter how much the truth exposes the lie there will always be those individual who doubts the facts as they present themselves and this is the worst part about helping others, but non the less I will persist.


As the student who sought the teacher, wisdom lends itself only to those who are open minded and wise enough to admit they know nothing yet are trying to learn everything.  My true desire is to help anyone who seeks this wisdom.  Each and every human on this planet lives within their own world.  Allow me to elaborate.  Looking at a stranger without saying one word or judging, you cannot see what is going on in his head no matter how hard you look. You cannot see his thoughts with your eyes wide open, you cannot fathom his abilities or inabilities yet you can see his existence right before your very eyes.

His world resides within and he is trying to figure it out without any idea that his world is created by the choices he makes, his own thinking and perception of what he see, hear, know or don’t know.  His belief which came from his parent and or friends, all that makes him who he is lies on his shoulders minus any guidance from a manual of direction.

No one should ever judge anyone, we must allow each and every one of us to be who we already are and except what we need to never change about who we are not.  You see to many of us worry about what others think which create a unnecessary level of stress, when we should simple focus on being better at who we are and desire to be.

Wisdom chooses wisely from among those that seeks a higher form of comprehension, an intellect beyond the norm.  It does not discriminate with the exception that you must attain an increase in mental fortitude.

The beginning Of Why you need Herbal Supplements.

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